Millet Burger Recipe

Recipe and photo from the lovely Magda @fearless_plant_life  @rebel_animal

Looking for a tasty, nutritious meal to satisfy your need for comfort food?  This millet burger will fill you with nutrients and curb those cravings.

These burgers are soooo good, hot or cold, and they will fill you up for a long time, due to millets magical properties. Tasting of warm Italy, full of herbs and a rich umami flavour. They are so easy to make and will keep in the fridge for a few days!

These burgers are accidently gluten-free and perfect for batch cooking! Why not make a big batch straight away and freeze some? You will always have some healthy food on hand.

Time to say no to processed food, you got this!

Ingredients For 4-5 Burgers

1-1.5 Cup Cooked Forest Whole Foods Organic Millet ( ½ – ¾ Cup Dried Millet)

½ Jar Sundried Tomatoes In Oil (or soak your own Organic Sundried Tomatoes)

¼ Cup Forest Whole Foods Organic Almonds

¼ Cup Toasted Forest Whole Foods Organic Pumpkin or Organic Sunflower Seeds

¼ Cup (Approx.) Potato Starch or Tapioca Flour

Salt, Organic Pepper, Forest Whole Foods Organic Dried Basil And Organic Dried Oregano 

Panko Breadcrumbs (Optional- not gluten free)


  1. Cooking the millet: Rinse the grains twice with boiling water over the sieve. Place in the pot and cover with freshly boiled water around 1cm above the level of millet, add ½ teaspoon of salt, cover with a lid and check after 10 minutes if millet is soft. If it needs a bit more cooking but water has been absorbed, add just a little bit. When millet is soft, take the lid off and let the steam out for a bit.
  2. In the meantime, put the almonds into S-blender, blitz until coarse, add sundried tomatoes and keep blending till you get a smooth paste.
  3. In a large bowl, mix cooked millet- it will bind better if it’s still warm, sundried tomato paste, toasted seeds, add a bit of starch and keep mixing, add spices, salt, taste, try to make a patty now, by forming a ball and flattening it. It should be really easy to make a burger, so if it is too crumbly, add more starch. The mixture should be a bit wet and oily because of sundried tomatoes, so it does not need any more oil. This is where you need to trust your hands and feel the textures of food, be intuitive and don’t be scared!
  4. You can keep formed burgers in the fridge, so they firm up a bit, but if you are in a hurry, not to worry, burgers are ready to be either shallow fried or baked!
  5. You can cover burgers in panko breadcrumbs now, if you choose to.
  6. Warm up some rapeseed oil on the pan or heat up your oven to 180 degrees. Fry till golden and flip, if you are using the oven, bake for approx. 15 min and flip on the other side just for 5.
  7. Eat cold, hot, in a bun or with salads, fries or whatever else you fancy!  These are just so nice! Yum.
Thanks to recipe and photo creator: Magda @fearless_plant_life  @rebel_animal
Head over to her fantastic, plant based website for much more