Delivery Terms & Conditions

Shipping rates – United Kingdom

We have selected several reputable logistics services to deliver your orders. Our partners offer quick reliable services to get your orders to you safely and timely at a reasonable cost. Once your address details have been uploaded to their server, you will receive an email or/and an SMS with a delivery slot. You will then have the ability to change the delivery slot to suit your needs (Not available for haulage).

We have provided a shipping calculator on the basket page, simply add your postcode and press update.

There is a minimum order value of £250.00 to use Forest Whole Foods Trade platform. For smaller order use our retail platform

We offer free delivery services which cover the whole of the UK. Any orders not meeting the free delivery thresholds will incur a delivery cost which can be seen on the basket page delivery calculator.

Free Shipping Services

Isle Of Man – Minimum order £500

Scottish Islands & Highlands – £500

Channel Islands – £500

Northern Ireland – £500

Isle Of Wight – £500

Zone 9, 10, 11 – £400

FK8*, FK9*, FK11*, FK12*, FK13*, FK14*, FK15*, FK16*, FK17*, FK18*, FK19*, FK20*, FK21*, KY1*, KY6*, KY7*, KY8*, KY9*, KY10*, KY11*, KY12*, KY13*, KY14*, KY15*, KY16*, KY99*, PH1*, PH2*, PH3*
PH4*, PH5*, PH6*, PH7*, PH11*, PH12*, PH13*, PH14*, TD3*, TD5*, TD6*, TD7*, TD8*, TD9*, TD10*
TD11*, TD12*, TD13*, TD14*, TD15*, TR10*, TR11*, TR12*, TR13*, TR14*, TR15*, TR16*, TR17*, TR18*
TR19*, TR20*, TR21*, TR22*, TR23*, TR24*, TR25*, TR26*, TR27*, TR10*,TR93*

AB*, IV1*, IV2*, IV3*, IV4*, IV5*, IV6*, IV7*, IV8*, IV9*, IV10*, IV11*, IV12*, IV13*, IV14*, IV15*, IV16*, IV17*,IV18*, IV19*, IV20*, IV21*, IV22*, IV23*, IV24*, IV25*, IV26*, IV27*,IV28*, IV30*
IV31*, IV32*, IV36*, IV55*, IV56*, IV63*, IV99*, KW1*, KW2*, KW3*, KW5*, KW6*, KW7*, KW8*
KW9*, KW10*, KW11*, KW12*, KW13*, KW14*, PH8*, PH9*, PH10*, PH15*, PH16*, PH17*, PH18*

PH19*, PH20*, PH21*, PH22*, PH23*, PH24*, PH25*, PH26*, PH30*, PH31*, PH32*, PH33*, PH34*
PH35*, PH36*, PH37*, PH38*, PH39*, PH40*, PH41*, PH49*, PH50*

Zone 7, 13, 8, 19, 20, 14 – £300

BN6*, BN7*, BN8*, BN9*, BN10*, CA*, DT9*, DT10*, DT11*, KT1*, KT2*, KT3*, KT4*, KT5*, KT6*
KT7*, KT8*, KT10*, KT12*, KT17*, KT18*, KT19*, KT21*, LL15*, LL16*, LL17*, LL18*, LL19*, LL20*
LL21*, LL22*, LL23*,LL24*, LL25*, LL26*, LL27*, LL28*, LL29*, LL30*, LL31*, LL32*, LL33*, LL34*
LL57*, SA1*, SA2*, SA3*, SA4*, SA5*, SA6*, SA7*, SA8*, SA9*, SA10*, SA11*, SA12*, SA13*, SA14*
SA15*, SA16*, SA17*, SA18*, SA80*, SA99*, TA*

SW3*, SW5*, SW6*, SW7*, SW10*

DG*, DT1*, DT2*, DT3*, DT4*, DT5*, DT6*, DT7*, DT8*, EH*, EX*, FK1*, FK2*, FK3*, FK4*, FK5*
FK6*, FK7*, FK10*, G1*,G2*, G3*, G4*, G5*, G9*, G11*, G12*, G13*, G14*, G15*, G20*, G21*, G22*
G23*, G31*, G32*, G33*, G34*, G40*, G41*, G42*, G43*, G44*, G45*, G46*, G51*, G52*, G53*, G58*
G60*, G61*, G62*, G63*, G64*, G65*, G66*, G67*, G68*, G69*, G70*, G71*, G72*, G73*, G74*, G75*
G76*, G77*, G78*, G79*, G81*, G82*, G83*, G84*, KA1*, KA2*, KA3*, KA4*, KA5*, KA6*, KA7*, KA8*
KA9*, KA10*, KA11*, KA12*, KA13*, KA14*, KA15*, KA16*, KA17*, KA18*, KA19*, KA20*, KA21*, KA22*
KA23*, KA24*, KA25*, KA26*, KA27*, KA28*, KA29*, KA30*, KY2*, KY3*, KY4*, KY5*, LD*, LL35*
LL36*, LL37*, LL38*, LL39*, LL40*, LL41*, ,LL42*, LL43*, LL44*, LL45*, LL46*, LL47*, LL48*, LL49*
LL51*, LL52*, LL53*, LL54*, LL55*, LL56*, LL58*, LL59*, LL60*, LL61*, LL62*, LL63*, LL64*, LL65*
LL66*, LL67*, LL68*, LL69*, LL70*, LL71*, LL72*, LL73*, LL74*, LL75*, LL76*, LL77*, LL78*, ML*
PA1*, PA2*, PA3*, PA4*, PA5*, PA6*, PA7*, PA8*, PA9*, PA10*, PA11*, PA12*, PA13*, PA14*, PA15*
PA16*, PA17*, PA18*, PA19*, PL*, SA19*, SA20*, SA31*, SA32*, SA33*, SA34*, SA35*, SA36*, SA37* , SA38*, SA39*, SA41*, SA42*, SA43*, SA44*, SA45*, SA46*, SA47*, SA48*, SA61*, SA62*, SA63*, SA64*, SA65* ,SA66*, SA67*, SA68*, SA69*, SA70*, SA71*, SA72*, SA73*, SY10*, SY11*, SY15*, SY16*
SY17*, SY18*, SY19*, SY20*, SY21*, SY22*, SY23*, SY24*, SY25*, TD1*, TD2*, TD4*, TQ*, TR1*, TR2*, TR3*, TR4*, TR5*, TR6*, TR7*, TR8*, TR9*

E2*, E3*, E4*, E5*, E6*, E7*, E8*, E9*, E10*, E11*, E12*, E13*, E15*, E16*, E17*, E18*, E20*, E77*, E98*, N2*, N4*, N5*, N6*, N7*, N8*, N10*, N15*, N16*, N17*, N19*, N22*, NW3*, NW5*, NW6*, NW8*
SE3*, SE4*, SE5*,SE7*, SE8*, SE10*, SE13*, SE14*, SE15*, SE22*, SE23*, SE24*, SE99*, SW2*, SW4*
SW8*, SW9*, SW11*, SW12*, SW13*, SW14*, SW15*, SW16*, SW17*, SW18*, SW19*, SW20*, SW95*
SW99*, W1*, W2*, W6*, W8*, W9*, W10*, W11*, W14*

E1*, E14*, N1*, NW1*, SE1*, SE11*, SE16*, SE17*

EC*, SW1*, WC*, W1D*, F*, T*

Zone 1,2,3,4,5,12,6,15,16,17,18 – £250


B6*, B7*, B8*, B9*, B10*, B11*, B12*, B13*, B14*, B15*, B16*, B17*, B18*, B19*, B20*, B21*, B22*, B23*
B24*, B25*, B26*, B27*, B28*, B29*, B30*, B31*, B32*, B33*, B34*, B35*, B36*, B37*, B38*, B40*, B42*, B43*, B44*, B45*, B46*, B47*, B48*, B49*, B50*, B60*, B61*, B62*, B63*, B64*, B65*, B66*, B67*, B68*, B69*, B70*, B71*, B72*, B73*, B74*, B75*, B76*, B77*, B78*, B79*, B80*, B90*, B91*, B92*
B93*, B94*, B95*, B96*, B97*, B98*, B99*, BB0*, BB1*, BB2*, BB94*, BL1*, BL2*, BL3*, BL4*, BL5*
BL6*, BL7*, BL8*, BL9*, CH*, CV1*, CV2*, CV3*, CV4*, CV5*, CV6*, CV7*, CV8*, CV9*, CV10*, CV11*
CV13*, CV21*, CV22*, CV23*, CW*, DE1*, DE2*, DE3*, DE4*, DE5*, DE6*, DE7*, DE11*, DE12*, DE13*
DE14*, DE15*, DE21*, DE22*, DE23*, DE24*, DE55*, DE56*, DE65*, DE72*, DE73*, DE74*, DE75*
DE99*, DN1*, DN2*, DN3*, DN4*, DN5*, DN6*, DN10*, DN11*, DN12*, DN22*, DN55*, DY*, L*
LE*, M5*, M6*, M7*, M8*, M9*, M11*, M12*, M13*, M14*, M15*, M16*, M17*, M18* , M19*, M20*,M21*
M22*, M23*, M24* , M25*, M26*, M27*, M28*, M29*, M30*, M31*, M32*, M33*, M34*, M35*, M38*
M40*, M41*, M43*, M44*, M45*, M46*, M50*, M60*, M61*, M90*, M99*, NG*, NN*, OL1*, OL2*, OL3*, OL4*, OL5*, OL6*, OL7*, OL8*, OL9*, OL10*, PE8*, PE9*, PE99*, S1*, S2*, S3, S4*, S5*, S6*, S7*, S8*, S9*, S10*, S11*, S12*, S13*, S14*, S17*, S18*, S20*, S21*, S25*, S26*, S29*, S30*, S32*, S35*
S36*, S37*, S38*, S39*, S40*, S41*, S42*, S43*, S44*, S45*, S60*, S61*, S62*, S63*, S64*, S65*, S66*
S70*, S71*, S72*, S73*, S74*, S75*, S80*, S81*, SK1*, SK2*, SK3*, SK4*, SK5*, SK7*, SK8*, SK9*, SK10*, SK11*, SK14*, SK15*, SK16*, ST*, TF*, WA*, WN*, WR*, WS*, WV*

BB4*, B5*, BB6*, BB7*, BB8*, BB9*, BB10*, BB11*, BB12*, BB18*, BL0*, DE45*, HD*, LL11*, LL12*
LL13*, LL14*, M1*, M2*, M3*, M4*, OL2*, OL3*, OL11*, OL12*, OL13*, OL14*, OL15*, OL16*, PE1*
PE2*, PE3*, PE4*, PE5*, PE6*, PE7*, PE10*, PE11*, PE19*, PE26*, PE27*, PE28*, PE29*, PR*, S33*, SK6*, SK7*, SK8*, SK9*, SK10*, SK11*, SK12*, SK13*, SK14*, SK15*, SK16*, SK17*, SK22*, SK23*, SY1*, SY2*, SY3*, SY4*, SY5*, SY6*, SY12*, SY13*, SY14*, SY99*

BD2*, BD4*, BD6*, BD9*, BD10*, BD11*, BD12*, BD13*, BD14*, BD15*, BD16*, BD17*, BD18*, BD19*
BD20*, BD21*, BD22*, BD97*, BD98*, BD99*, CF3*, CF5*, CF10*, CF11*, CF14*, CF15*, CF23*, CF24*
CF30*, CF37*, CF38*, CF39*, CF40*, CF61*, CF62*, CF63*, CF64*, CF71*, CF72*, CF83*, CF91*, CF95*
CF99*, DN7*, DN8*, DN9*, DN14*, DN15*, DN16*, DN17*, DN18*, DN19*, DN20*, DN21*, DN31*, DN32*, N33*, DN35*, DN36*, DN37*, DN38*, DN39*, DN40*, DN41*, HU*, HX*, LN1*, LN2*, LN3*
LN4*, LN5*, LN6*, LN7*, LN8*, MK1*, MK2*, MK3*, MK4*, MK5*, MK6*, MK7*, MK10*, MK11*, MK17*, MK77*, NP10*, NP18*, NP19*, NP20*, NP26*, NP44*, PE20*, PE21*, YO8*, Y10*, Y19*, Y23*, Y24*, Y25*, Y26*, Y30*, Y31*, Y32*, Y41*, Y42*, Y43*, , 51*, Y90*, Y91*, Y95*

BA3*, BA4*, BA5*, BA6*, BA7*, BA8*, BA9*, BA10*, BA11*, BA12*, BA13*, BA14*, BA15*, BA16*, BD23*, BD24*, CB6*, CB7*, CB24*, CB25*, CO4*, CO6*, CO8*, CO9*, CO10*, DH*, FY*, GL1*, GL2*, GL3*, GL4*, GL5*, GL6*, GL8*, GL9*, GL10*, GL11*, GL12*, GL13*, GL14*, GL15*, GL16*, GL17*, GL18*, GL19*, GL20*, GL50*, GL51*, GL52*, GL53*, GL54*, GL55*, GL56*, HG*, HR*, IP1*, IP2*, IP3*, P4*, IP5*, IP6*, IP7*, IP8*, IP9*, IP10*, IP11*, LA1*, LA2*, LA3*, LA4*, LA5*, LA6*, LA7*, LA8*, LA9*, LA10*, LA1*, LN9*, LN10*, LN11*, LN12*, LN13*, NE1*, NE2*, NE3*, NE4*, NE5*, NE6*, NE7*, NE8*, NE9*, NE10*, NE11*, NE12*, NE13*, NE14*, NE15*, NE16*, NE17*, NE18*, NE19*, NE20*, NE21*, NE22*, NE23*, NE24*, NE25*, NE26*, NE27*, NE28*, NE29*, NE30*, NE31*, NE32*, NE33*, NE34*, NE35*, NE36*, NE37*, NE38*, NE39*. NE40*, NE41*, NE42*, NE43*, NE44*, NE45*, NE61*, NE62*, NE63*, NE64*, NE65*, PE12*, PE16*, PE17*, PE18*, PE19*, PE20*, PE21*, PE22*, PE23*, PE24*, PE25*, PE30*, PE31*, PE32*, PE33*, PE34*, PE35*, PE36*, PE37*, PE38*, SR*, SY7*, SY8*, SY9*, TS*, YO1*, YO7*, YO11*, YO12*, YO13*, YO14*, YO15*, YO16*, YO17*, YO18*, YO21*, YO22*, YO60*, YO61*, YO62*

IP18*, IP19*, IP20*, IP21*, IP22*, IP23*, NR1*, NR2*, NR3*, NR4*, NR5*, NR6*, NR7*, NR8*, , R9*, NR10*, NR13*, NR14*, NR15*, NR16*, NR17*, NR18*, NR19*, NR20*, NR21*, NR22*, NR23*, NR29*, NR30*, NR31*, NR3*, NR33*, NR34*, NR35*, NR99*

BA20*, BA21*, BA22*, BH21*, BH25*, BH31*, CB4*, CB5*, CF31*, CF32*, CF33*, CF34*, CF35*, CF36*, CF41*, CF42*, CF43*, CF44*, CF45*, CF46*, CF47*, CF48*, CF81*, CF82*, CM0*, CM1*, CM2*, CM3*, CM6*, CM7*, CM8*, CM9*, CM17*, CM18*, CM19*, CM20*, CM21*, CM22*, CM23*, CM24*, CM77*, CM92*, CM98*, CM99*, CO1*, CO2*, CO3*, CO5*, CO7*, CO11*, CO12*, CO13*, CO14*, CO15*, CO16*, CV31*, CV32*, CV33*, CV34*, CV35*, CV36*, CV37*, CV47*, DL*, GL7*, HP17*, HP18*, HP19*, HP20*, HP21*, HP22*, A11*, LA12*, LA13*, LA14*, LA15*, LA16*, LA17*, LA18*, LA19*, LA20*, LA21*, LA22*, LA23*, NE46*, NE47*, NE48*, NE49*, NE66*, NE67*, NE68*, NE69*, NE70*, NE71*, NP4*, NP7*, NP8*, NP11*, NP12*, NP13*, NP15*, NP16*, NP22*, NP23*, NP24*, NP25*, NR11*, NR12*, NR24*, NR25*, NR26*, NR27*, NR28*, OX2*, OX3*, OX4*, OX5*, OX7*, OX9*, OX10*, OX11*, OX12*, OX13*, OX14*, OX15*, OX16*, OX17*, OX18*, OX20*, OX25*, OX29*, OX33*, OX39*, OX44*, OX49*, RG17*, RG19*, RG21*, RG22*, RG23*, RG24*, RG25*, RG26*, RG28*, RG29*, SN*, SO14*, SO15*, SO16*, SO17*, SO20*, SO40*, SO41*, SO42*, SO43*, SO45*, SO51*, SO52*, SO97*, SP*

BA2*, BN3*, BN5*, BN11*, BN12*, BN13*, BN14*, BN15*, BN16*, BN17*, BN18*, BN20*, BN21*, BN22*, BN23*, BN24*, BN25*, BN26*, BN27*, BN41*, BN42*, BN43*, BN44*, BN45*, BN50*, BN52*, BN88*, BN95*, BN99*, BR*, CB1*, CB2*, CB3*, CR0*, CR2*, CR3*, CR5*, CR6*, CR8*, CR9*, CR44*, CR90*, CT*, DA*, EN*, GU*, IG*, KT9*, KT11*, KT13*, KT14*, KT15*, KT16*, KT20*, KT21*, KT22*, KT23*, KT24*, ME*, PO18*, PO19*, PO20*, PO21*, PO22*, RG1*, RG2*, RG4*, RG5*, RG6*, RG7*, RG8*, RG9*, RG10*, RG12*, RG14*, RG17*, RG20*, RG27*, RG30*, RG31*, RG40*, RG41*, RG42*, RG45*, RH1*, RH2*, RH3*, RH4*, RH5*, RH7*, RH8*, RH9*, RH12*, RH13*, RH14*, RH15*, RH16*, RH17*, RH18*, RH19*, RH20*, RH77*, RM*, SM2*, SM5*, SM6*, SM7*, SS*, TN1*, TN2*, TN3*, TN4*, TN5*
TN6*, TN7*, TN8*, TN9*, TN10*, TN11*, TN12*, TN13*, TN14*, TN15*, TN16*, TN17*, TN18*, TN19*, TN20*, TN21*, TN22*, TN23*, TN24*, TN25*, TN26*, TN27*, TN28*, TN29*, TN30*, TN31*, TN32*, TN33*, TN34*, TN35*, TN36*, TN37*, TN38*, TN39*, TN40*, TW9*, TW10*, TW3*, TW4*, TW5*, TW7*, TW12*, TW13*, WD*

AL*, BS13*, BS14*, BS15*, BS16*, BS20*, BS21*, BS22*, BS23*, BS24*, BS25*, BS26*, BS27*, BS28*, BS29*, BS31*, BS32*, BS33*, BS34*, BS35*, BS36*, BS37*, BS39*, BS40*, BS41*, BS48*, BS49*, CB8*, CB9*, CB10*, CB11*, CB21*, CB22*, CB23*, CM4*, CM5*, CM11*, CM12*, CM13*, CM14*, CM15*, CM16*, HA0*, HA1*, HA2*, HA3*, HA5*, HA6*, HA7*, HA8*, HA9*, HP1*, HP2*, HP3*, HP4*, HP5*, HP6*, HP7*, HP8*, HP9*, HP10*, HP11*, HP12*, HP13*, HP14*, HP15*, HP16*, HP23*, HP27*, IP12*, IP13*, IP14*, IP15*, IP16*, IP17*, IP24*, IP25*, IP26*, IP27*, IP28*, IP29*, IP30*, IP31*, IP32*, IP33*, IP98*, LS*, LU*, MK5*, MK8*, MK9*, MK12*, MK13*, MK14*, MK15*, MK16*, MK18*, MK19*, MK40*, MK40*, MK41*, MK42*, MK43*, MK44*, MK45*, MK46*, PO2*, PO3*, PO4*, PO5*, PO6*, PO7*, PO8*, PO10*, PO11*, PO12*, PO13*, PO14*, PO15*, PO16*, PO17*, PO24*, SG*, SO18*, SO19*, SO21*, SO22*, SO23*, SO24*, SO25*, SO30*, SO32*, SO50*, SO53*, TW1*, TW2*, TW3*, TW4*, TW5*, TW6*, TW7*, TW8*, TW11*, TW12*, TW13*, TW14*, TW15*, TW16*, TW17*, TW18*, TW19*, TW20*, WF*

BS0*, BS1*, BS2*, BS3*, BS4*, BS5*, BS6*, BS7*, BS8*, BS9*, BS10*, BS11*, BS30*, BS80*, BS98*, BS99*, HA4*, HA4*, PE19*, PE26*, PE27*, PE28*, PE29*, SL*, UB*

BN1*, BN2*, CR4*, CR6*, CR7*, N3*, N9*, N11*, N12*, N13*, N14*, N18*, N20*, N21*, N81*, NW2*, NW4*, NW7*, NW9*, NW10*, NW11*, NW26*, RH6*, RH10*, RH11*, SE2*, SE6*, SE9*, SE12*, SE18*, SE19*, SE20*, SE21*, SE25*, SE26*, SE27*, SE28*, SM1*, SM3*, SM4*

Free Local Pickup

We offer local free local pickup for customers who live near to us, Details of our address for collection can be found here.

Orders are normally available for collection 24 hours after being placed. Please have your order number handy when coming to collect, so that we can find your order faster. Upon arrival please call 01590 718383.


Royal Mail



International Free Shipping

* Temporarily disabled until we can establish the new trading rules. Apologies for any inconvenience. We will get our export services running again as soon as possible.

Latvia, Portugal  (5-6 working days) – Temporarily Unavailable

Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden (5-7 working days) – Temporarily Unavailable

Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Romania (5-7 working days) – Temporarily Unavailable

Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland (3-5 working days) – Temporarily Unavailable

Ireland, Austria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Slovenia (4-5 working days) – Temporarily Unavailable

Our courier services do not deliver on weekends or bank holidays so any orders made on Friday before 13:00 will be delivered on the following Monday and any orders made before or on a bank holiday will not be delivered until the following days.

*Next day orders must be in before 13:00.