Brazil Nuts

We LOVE all things brazil nut here at Forest Whole Foods.

Organic brazil nuts are a favourite for so many nut lovers Brazil nuts are crunchy, dense and seriously tasty.

Did you know that the Brazil nut tree grows in its natural habitat in the jungles of Bolivia.

Just one Brazil gives you 174% of your daily RDA of selenium.  Selenium is not that abundant in many foods and it contributes to normal thyroid function, immune system function and the maintenance of normal nails and hair.  Additionally selenium protects cells from oxidative stress and contributes to spermatogenesis which is why it is linked to fertility.

The success of the yearly Brazil nut harvest can vary greatly depending on the seasonal rain and droughts can have a big impact.  The coveted Brazil nut is foraged by hand in remote areas of the Amazon rainforest and the foragers have to reach these places by boat.  This makes the Brazil nut even more special and gives us another good reason to protect the rainforests.

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Brazil Nuts Brazil Nuts