Environmental Policy

We are an independent family run company who care about our planet and everyone on it. We make it our mission to make organic food accessible. Organic food nurtures the people who eat it and organic practices enrich the soils and wildlife which thrive on organic farms.

We are acutely aware of our responsibility to the environment and are committed to reducing our overall environmental impact. From our operations to our product development we are continually monitoring, managing and striving to improve our environmental performance.

We work together with our suppliers and customers to minimise our environmental impact during the product life cycle.

Here are some of the ways that we reduce our foot print on the planet:

Food Waste

We minimise food waste by efficiently managing stock control and buying only what we need.

Energy Usage

Our facility runs only on green renewable energy such as solar, wind and water.

We use DPD Local to deliver most of our parcels. Not only are they really great at delivering parcels they also run a 100% carbon neutral delivery service.


We recycle everything that we can. This includes paper, cardboard and plastics. These are either collected weekly by our recycling partners or re-used by us. Approximately 95% of all materials we receive or use in our business are recycled. This means we always have more recycling bins than general ones dotted about our site!

Cleaning Chemicals

We use food safe and environmentally friendly green cleaning chemicals, they are made mostly from vegetables!

Food Ingredients

All our produce is sourced from reputable suppliers and is soil association certified organic. Local suppliers are used wherever possible, reducing food miles, meaning less carbon emissions.

When buying we follow the below mantra:

Use organic suppliers with the highest food quality accreditation.
Buy only Non GMO ingredients.
Minimise the use of ingredients, making the products as natural as possible.
Use suppliers who have the same values as us.


We care deeply about our footprint as a company. We want to be as environmentally conscious as possible and we know our customers care as much as we do about the issue of plastic. In our journey to find the best packaging we found that although compostable products exist, many do not decompose adequately or are not fit for purpose. Sadly, we found that many companies were not being transparent about this to improve their marketing potential and much of it has ended up in landfill unchanged.

For now, being transparent about the true lifespan of compostable bioplastics being used across the industry and choosing a UK-wide recyclable plastic while we wait for improvements is the most honest move.

We currently use LDPE polyethylene bags which can be recycled widely in the UK through curbside collections or at local supermarkets. We have moved to peel-able labels so these can easily be removed from the bags before recycling. After much thought, we believe choosing the most widely recycled material is the best step any company can take at the moment.

Approximately 99% of the packaging we use is recyclable.

How to recycle our bags:

Our bags are all widely recyclable with the supermarket carrier bag schemes , simply enter your postcode to the recycle point finder. We are members of OPRL. You will find their simple informative logos on the back of our packaging to help you recycle. See our little guide below.

We are currently introducing more paper sack packaging for our grains, lentils and beans.



We use strong cardboard boxes to delivery your food safely. These are fully recyclable.


We use only sustainably sourced recyclable paper tape.

Package protection

We use only sustainably sourced recyclable kraft paper to protect your parcels during transit. We have been using this for many years and find that it is highly effective in reducing damage.