Focus on Moringa Powder

Have you ever tried this powerful green powder? If you haven’t heard of moringa then its time you found out more about this power powder.

Moringa powder is made from the leaf of the moringa tree which is native to the Himalayan Mountains of North India. Organic Moringa Powder is one of natures multivitamins and has an impressive array of nutrients.

Although it may sound like the latest heath powder to us, it has been used in India for thousands of years as a cure all remedy for the sick.  This is probably due to the fact it contains trace amounts of over 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants.

Want to know more about this healing powder?

  1. Organic Moringa Powder is one of the most nutrient dense powders you can find in the whole food world and it has quickly become popular in the world of nutrition and real food diets.
  2. In India the whole plant is used from the root to the leaves and it has been used to treatment malnutrition.
  3. If you prefer to use whole foods rather than supplements then this is a must for your store cupboard.
  4. Moringa can easily be added to smoothies or juices to make a nutrient rich drink.
  5. Just one 12g serving is considered high in protein and fibre.

To make our organic moringa powder the leaves are naturally dried and cleaned to make an aromatic, fine green powder.  The farm follows strict organic standards to prepare and transport this nutrient rich powder from the field to your door.

Daily serving suggestion: 4-12g per day per person (1 tsp = 4g).  Moringa is a nutrient dense powder which should be introduced gradually, starting with one teaspoon a day and building up to 3.

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