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Plant Based Banoffee Pie

Looking for a  decadent plant based pud?  This picture perfect banoffee pie has all of the goodness and none of the guilt. Let’s face it, some puddings are only tasty […]

Using Organic Flours in Everyday Baking

Whether you are a seasoned baker or a newbie, we have flour to help you on your way. It is easy using organic flours in everyday baking. Why use organic […]

Acai Coconut Pudding Recipe

Recipe and photo from the lovely Richa Looking for a tasty, nutritious pudding to satisfy your need for something sweet?  This acai coconut pudding will fill you with nutrients and […]

Energy Boost Breakfast Bars Recipe

If you are often on the run and need a quick fix, then these Energy Boost Breakfast Bars will add nutrition  and speed to your breakfast routine. These tasty breakfast […]

Spiced Pecan Nut Butter

Are you tired of the same old nut butter?  If you are a fan of peanut or almond butter but want to try something new then this is a great […]