Organic Ground Star Anaise
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Organic Ground Star Anaise
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GMO Free
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contain gluten
Does not naturally contain gluten
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EU organic farming
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Soil Association Organic

Organic Ground Star Anise

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Organic Ground Star Anise is easily added to dishes.

Organic ground star anise gets its name from the pretty characteristic star shape of the spice.  The little stars which are ground down into this delicious powder are actually part of the fruit of an oriental tree which has strong traditions in Chinese cuisine.

Star anise is traditionally used in broth, rice or noodles and the bark is burnt as incense.  It is one of the dominating flavours in Chinese five spice but it also mixes well with fennel, coriander, cinnamon or ginger.  Star anise contains a surprising array of nutrients and has a distinctive sweet taste so makes a great addition to recipes.

The fruit is picked before it ripens and then dried, this is when it curls and tightens into small brown star shaped pieces.  The pieces are then ground down into a fine powder which makes it easier for sauces and baking.

Star anise trees are evergreen and can be found by streams or damp woodland.  They grow up to 45 feet tall, produce fruit for up to 100 years and their flowers are a yellowish green tinged with pink.  This organic star anise is harvested and naturally dried before it is grown.  Asians have been using star anise for centuries and add it to a wide range of dishes and teas.

Ingredients: Organic Star Anise

Origin: Indonesia/Vietnam

Typical Nutrient Values Per 100g:
Energy 1410kj/337kcal
Fat 16g
of which saturates 0.6
Carbohydrate 50g
of which sugars trace
Fibre 15g
Protein 18g
Salt 16mg
Typical Vitamin/Mineral Values Per 100g:
Vitamin C 21mg 35% RI
Iron 36.9mg 205% RI
Calcium 646mg 65% RI
Niacin 3mg 15% RI
Riboflavin 0.29mg 17% RI
Thiamine 0.3mg 23% RI
Vitamin B6 0.65mg 32% RI
Copper 0.9mg 46% RI
Magnesium 170mg 42% RI
Manganese 2.3mg 115% RI
Phosphorus 440mg 44% RI
Potassium 1441mg 31% RI
Zinc 5.3mg 35% RI

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