Who are the Soil Association?

We knew we wanted to do things right when we chose to sell organic food.

We had seen the logo but we still had to ask ourselves ‘who are the Soil Association?’ when we were choosing a certifier.  There are so many companies and charities out there and we wanted our customers to trust what they were buying when it came to organic standards.

It made sense to get certified by the country’s leading organic certifier, so we got in contact with the soil association.  If you want to know more about why we chose to provide only organic food read our blog on Why Choose Organic?

The soil association is a charity based in the UK which was founded in 1946 and today it has over 27,000 members.  They have very strict regulations – visiting the premises or farm of anyone they certify yearly.  We had to jump through lots of hoops and make sure all our records for organic coding were strictly recorded to get the soil association logo on our products.  We thought this was an important part of launching our brand, because even health food companies can be misleading in their marketing and labelling.

What do the Soil Association Do?

  1. The soil association work closely with businesses to help them provide honest and factual information about what organic food is and why organic farming is better for everyone.
  2. They campaign for organic standards and the banning of particularly dangerous pesticides and insecticides.
  3. They inform and raise awareness of organic farming and its practices.
  4. Support organic farmers and create networks to keep farms and consumers connected.

We want our customers to have peace of mind when shopping on our website and having the soil association seal of approval speaks for itself.

If you are struggling to do keep to budget while eating organic food then check out our blog Organic on a Budget for some useful tips.