How to Have a Sustainable Christmas

We are big fans of Christmas here at Forest Whole Foods.  There is nothing more exciting than curling up with warming treat foods and spending time with family.

Over the years we have streamlined our festivities to reduce waste and focus on experiences, rather than ‘things’. Here are some ideas to bring down the waste of Christmas as well as the cost – everybody wins!

Our Top 5 Ideas…

  1. Switch from fancy sparkly plastic paper to good old fashioned brown parcel paper. This paper is fully recyclable and it looks traditional too.  Decorate it with a festive red pen, a sprig of Holly and some paper ribbon to give it that festive vibe.
  2. If you are making the effort with recyclable wrapping paper, don’t forget to invest in some paper tape.  We use paper tape in the warehouse and although it costs more, it means you don’t compromise the paper or cardboard (sometimes things wrapped in plastic tape will be discarded instead of recycled)
  3. Think before you buy your next Christmas tree.  If you already have a plastic tree then of course keep using it. If you really want an easy care plastic one then find it on ebay or preloved instead of encouraging production of more virgin plastic.  We have a real potted tree which is coming in this year for its 5th time and every year it is bigger and more beautiful.  There are also sustainable Christmas tree schemes which collect and recycle your tree.  In some areas you can rent a tree and it will be collected after Christmas and replanted.
  4. Instead of physical presents, think about offering experiences as gifts.  Mini facials, massages or spa mornings are often really affordable if you pick up an offer and you save on packaging.  Try gifting a child with a jar filled with 12 experiences – each month they can pick one out and enjoy the fun all year (e.g. science museums, hot chocolate beach walks, family movie nights and fun packed craft sessions – whatever floats your kids boat).
  5. Try a plant based Christmas Meal and wow all your loved ones with the power of plants.  There a loads of fantastic recipes around (sprouts roasted with garlic and balsamic are a game changer!)

We have a range of hampers now in stock, offering organic goodies in recyclable packaging, presented in a reusable wicker shopper.