How do I start sprouting?

What does it mean to Sprout?

How do I start sprouting?  This guide will help you get started with the basics.  When you germinate a seed, nut, bean or grain with water it begins to grow into a sprout. The germination starts a growing process, which aids in the digestibility of the bean/seed/grain and brings a flood of enzymes into each individual sprout. Sprouting transforms dried foods into a fresh living food full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins .

Sprouting is so easy once you know how and its a really cheap and easy way to get fresh organic produce at home.

Once ready they are a great addition to salads or used as a garnish on any meal – they add a lovely crunch to soup!

Why we love to Sprout?

  1. The vitamin and mineral content is increased
  2. They are easier to digest once sprouted
  3. Sprouts can be eaten raw or cooked
  4. They are full of live enzymes
  5. Sprouts are fun to grow!

What can you sprout?

You can sprout a full range of nuts, seeds and pulses but some are much easier. We recommend that you begin with mung beans – as a beginner they are a really rewarding place to start your journey into sprouting. Once you start experimenting there is no limit!  Here are some ideas:

  1. Forest Whole Food’s Organic Sprouting Mix to get a full range of sprouts
  2. Organic Chick Peas
  3. Organic Almonds
  4. Organic Quinoa
  5. Organic Alfalfa Seed

How do I start sprouting?

Sprouting can be done on a plate but a sprouting jar can be easily made or bought. You will need:

  1. A Jar
  2. Filtered Water
  3. Muslin Cloth
  4. Elastic Band or ribbon
  5. Your chosen sprouting nut/bean/seed

Stage 1: Soak 6-12 hours (check a sprouting guide for specific times)


Stage 2: Rinse/drain and set at an angle


Stage 3: Maintain the sprouts by rinsing/draining twice daily (check a sprout chart for your chosen seed/bean/grain)

Happy Sprouting!