Organic Chlorella Powder

Organic Chlorella Powder is a bright green algae which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

We don’t like to go with the crowd unless the facts are straight and with chlorella there are studies which support the hype.

We always raise an eyebrow when the latest ‘power powder’ is released as we prefer to get our nutrition from real food in its natural form.  However, when it comes to chlorella we really can’t argue with the evidence.

This ‘superfood’ has some seriously powerful nutritional benefits and it is often referred to as a ‘near perfect food’ – although we can’t imagine wanting to live on it!  As with any powder it is always best to choose organic.

5 Reasons We Love Chlorella?

  1. It is rich in phytonutrients including chlorophyll and beta-carotene.

  2. It may support wound healing, lower blood pressure and cholesterol (1).

  3. It may aid in detoxification of the body – specifically heavy metals (2).

  4. It may support the immune system (3)

  5. It is a good vegan source of B12 and iron.

This bright green powder is so fine that it pours like water and it is so easy to add to water, juices or smoothies. For a maintenance dose it is suggested that you take 5g daily.

We like to add it to water as a simple health drink, but if you find the taste overpowering we can quite understand – just stir in something yummy!

Happy Drinking!