Pimp Your Porridge on World Porridge Day

Happy World Porridge Day!

If you haven’t heard of world porridge day then you may like to hear a little background.  As funny as it may sound to have a whole day dedicated to a breakfast grain, it has a very serious message.  This day is dedicated to a charity called Mary’s Meals who provide daily meals to more than 1.1 million of the world’s poorest children.

We absolutely love porridge in our house and it serves as a hearty breakfast most days.  This love extends into our whole family and we have found that ‘porridge preference’ is a pretty personal thing…

I like it smooth and full of ground nuts and seeds.

Jago likes goji berries and ground seeds on his.

Charlie likes it with lots of coconut oil and a sprinkling of raisins.

Kingsley likes it thick and gloopy with everything chucked on.

Granny Lincoln must have whole oats.

‘Badda’ Lincoln likes them ground.

Nanny Bickle prefers a sprinkling of seeds and a blob of honey.

Grandad Bickle likes it soaked not cooked.

So you see, it is never just as simple as a bowl of porridge.

But for some children, just having their simple cup of maize porridge is life changing, so let’s support this special charity.

Thanks to Mary’s Meals hungry children are having their maize porridge each day at school.  Visit their website to make a donation and upload your porridge smile!